Our History

We are excited at the opportunity to grow our brand here in the US market, and build off of our already expansive product offering. Originally a window film distributor since 2004, we originally imported our films from the US and distributed across the international market. In 2011, we decided that processes and current applications could be improved upon. Thus deciding to build our very own factory and laboratory near the city of Shanghai. Here we have been able to revolutionize what the industry understands and knows about film technology and their applications. Supporting OEMs abroad, we now cooperate with laboratories at the Zhejiang University, Shanghai Fudan University, RWTH Aachen in Germany, and NTU Singapore. Thus creating a strong, collaborative R&D team to develop our newest line of products.

Protective Film Technology

Industry leading technology for the protection of your prized possessions.

Product Application

They are covering the applications of car body paint protection, automotive glass, residential and commercial glass, furniture surface protection, whiteboard writing, etc and service the industries of car factory, automotive aftermarket, construction, building window decoration, furniture, school, stationery and advertising and other special industries requires the high performance functional films.

Production Equipment

Coating line, UV light, glue mixer, grinder, cutting machine

International Market

Our market is 60 in domestic and 40 in international. For the domestic market, we mainly supply to car factories, 4S group, 4S shop, wholesalers and brand agents and distributors; and the foreign market covers around 25 in South America, 20 in East-south Asia, 15 in North America, 15 in East Euro and West Euro, 20 in Mid-est and 5 for others.